Wednesday, 26 September 2007

Day 15.

Hey everyone day 15 and so far so good. Couple of pics here I've just taken and as you can see theres still allot swelling but its has reduced lots since the op and i feel fairly comfortable going out of the house and being amongst the public. I can hold a good conversation now too and don't sound like im drunk anymore and last night i had some chips from McDonald's! Hooray! Thats fries my American friends, yes big fat juicy fries! Mmmmmm fries. In the 1st pic that's as far as i can open my mouth so not quite enough for a big mac yet. Hmmm a blended big mac....... just a thought.
Went to see my orthodontist (Prof Hunt) last week who's an absolute legend by the way and my surgeon who's lovely too and they seemed very happy with the outcome. They asked me if i was happy but to be honest it hard to say if im 100% over the moon when my face is the size a football (soccer ball!) But if Professor Hunt is happy then so am i, seriously i would walk of a cliff if he asked me too.
Will def get some pics of me on here soon 1 hour post op, until then take care.


Michelle said...

Hi Casey,
I also found you through Shontell's site. Welcome. The pictures look great. I hope things are still going well for you. I had my SARPE in June and hopefully my upper jaw surgery will be sometime this spring, well I'm keepin my fingers crossed anyway. Enjoy those fries and/or blended big mac???
Here's to a speedy recovery!!!
Michelle (another one)

Chris K said...

I'm totally interested in the burger blending experiment. Let me know the outcome!

Shontell said...

Looking good there Casey!

I remember watching all those commercials for fast food and drooling over them. At one point - when I had my SARPE- my lips were so cracked that I had to keep them closed because they would just tear. Well one night after watching a commercial for Windy's I woke up in the middle of the night CHEWING a Windy's burger! My lips were so cracked in the morning!! It gets bad doesn't it? lol

Betsy said...

You're looking good
I hope your recovery continues on the right track. It's been 3 weeks for me and I am very swollen. I guess I am one of the unlucky ones

Kristen said...

Looking good!! You don't look that swollen at all. Well on the road to recovery!

Michelle said...

Hi Casey,

Where did you go???

scrappingeva said...

Hi. I'm on day 14 today and so recognizing barely being able to open my mouth. I see it´s been a long time since you last updated, so I'm guessing by now a lot will have changed, and curious as I am.... please update! :-)