Monday, 17 September 2007

Day 7.

Hey day 7 and i thought id give a lil update and also this picture of me with my braces and my beautiful moustache. I took this about 6 months after i 1st got my braces and although its bit hard to make out whats going on you can tell my bottom set of teeth are about 4mm to the left of my top teeth.

Have kindly received some comments from kirsten and mrs shanton in which they told me things will start to get better after a week or so after my op and hopefully its starting to come true as i had my best night sleep yet last night so thanks guys. The bruising is slowly coming out now and the swelling is slowly going down but still freaks me out looking in the mirror....... i look a little like sam from lord of the rings! Know u fellow bloggers love your pics so will get u some on here soon so you all have a good old laugh.

Chat soon.


Aimee said...

lol ~ you'll be eating pizza before you know it.
Did you have upper and lower? You're so lucky to be done with it!! I am only just beginning...(sigh)

Shontell said...

Hi Casey, I found your blog through Aimees site. Congrats on going through with the surgery! I hope your feeling better and finding something to take the boredom away. Show us your puffy face! haha ;) I'll be there soon - looking all crazy eyed and puffy faced. Looking forward to seeing your progres!


Michelle said...

Casey, I was strung here by Shontells site, welcome to the gang! Cant wait to see some good ole knarly pics that only your Ortho friends can appreciate. Can't wait to see your progress, you will be soooo glad you did this. I'm about 5 mths POST SARPE and feeling great! Good Luck!