Thursday, 13 September 2007

long journey.

I have been reading other peoples blogs and thought why not write my own blog as i found so many others helpful and comforting in the lead up to my operation. I had been playing with the idea of having bimaxillary osteomy since i was 17 to obtain what seems like a life long ambition to achieve a perfect bite and smile. When i was 26 i decided that i was never really going to be happy with my appearance and would probably regret it if i never went for it so i went for it! Well here i am 2 days after my operation and although im in pain and fed up with my girlfriend and mum feeding me porridge on the handle of a teaspoon through the smallest of gaps between my teeth i am pleased the operation is over and hopefully as the swelling starts to go down and i can see the results i can say its all worth it.

My sister took the liberty of taking some pics of me the second i returned from the operation in hospital and once i get hold of her camera and providing im not too embarrassed of them il post them on here.

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